Of app on linux web server for online application

Hi all.
I’m new to of, and c++.
I’ve got a question that may sound silly, but … here i go.

I’m playing with the ofFaceTracker, and it’s fun to have a mac app that i can share with my mac users friends.
But i was thinking that could be a lot more fun, to have the same app on my website.

So, my idea is to have a web page, sending image datas to my c++ app, who will handle with the faceTracking detection and will return datas that i can display wth some js, canvas, or whatever.

My first attempt was to use the php exec() function (http://php.net/manual/fr/function.exec.php) but i’m pretty sure i will have ton compile my app for linux.

So in the end, 2 questions : Is this the way to do it ?
What is the better way to compile from xcode to linux ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: