OF app on iOS device sync to a DAW through OSC ...anyone?

Just curious about performances in case of an iOS based sequencer, firing OSC to a DAW
anyone tested that?

imho, it would be crazy (involve jitter handling, timestamp maybe etc)
but, I’d like to know if you, crazy gurus, have tested that :slight_smile:

I’ve never used OSC with openFrameworks, but I don’t see why oF would add any problems. Things like TouchOSC apparently work fine.

Hi Julien!

You shouldn’t have any issue, if it is your iOS device’s battery.

I am sending my midi clock/bpm and all the midi messages my midi device issues through OSC to my iPhone (touchOSC for now) and have everything in sync:

  • pushing something on the iPhone action the midi device.
  • pushing the midi device action the touchOSC button.

I hope to develop an iOS app to replace touchOSC but not much free time and no iOS development experience yet.

OSC wouldn’t be the problem, but more the sync between a daw which have its internal clock and the external device.

In my case, I’d distribute a proper VST which grabs the clock and sends the OSC sync over udp (for internal or external purpose)
I’ll probably design a little system to handle jittering problem even if, of course, the 2 parts of the communication channel (the daw & the iOS device) wouldn’t loose their clock…

I’ll dig that quite soon and let you know

Hi julien,

i am taking a similar approach in my Ableton´s live – “a la Reactable” software, which i migrate recently to OF.
check here:


i was also doing a VST to grab the tempo… and send it via UDP. The WForm VST that we distribute takes the audio waveform and sends it via OSC to port 7000, with the address /waveform…



Hello Miguel,
nice stuff there :smiley:

What exactly the VST does ?
I guess you use a “kind of” sawtooth for syncing and this is that waveform which is sent?

Hi julien,
the VST takes the values of the waveform (array of audio values) each amount of time (rateOSC parameter) and sends them via OSC. that´s it.
if you see the videos about the app, you will see i deploy the waveforms in real time, from live. That is possible due to the VST plugin.



doing that with max for live / max too, I understand the process.
but in my case, it is more about syncing (only)

I’ll try to illustrate that asap

yes, with max is easier… but more expensive… :wink:



max can be used for further stuff too.
I’ll test your nice vst btw.

yep, julien,

max is an incredible tool… and max4live the open door to a huge new world… :slight_smile:
i have used it a lot as well as pure data (the free version of max), but for LiveSet App i needed a non-max4live working app (customers will not have to buy max4live)…