OF android studio on windows how to build x86 apk?

Hi Guys,

I just starting to check OF for android on a windows pc and have managed to unzip the of_v0.10.0_android_release.tar.gz. Usually this format is not for windows, right?

Anyhow, I also managed to build an apk from the android examples folder within the of_v0.10.0_android_release folder but when I try to install the build apk on a virtual device it gives me this error:

Device supports x86, but APK only supports armeabi-v7a.

Is it possible to set somewhere in the android studio project something so the project compiles to x86 (…as well)? And if so, how?


I think I found the answer on the forum here:


So instead of just building the fast and easy way, build via Build, Generate Signed Bundle/AGK (requires a keystore with password setup). But in the end there is a choice for x86 or armeabi. And it seems to work :slight_smile: