oF Android Building for Windows 7/8. Missing Zip.exe fails to create data folder package

Building in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 fails to create zip for the data folder due to missing zip.exe on platform.

In Windows 7 & 8.1, zip command has been removed from windows.

The command that packages up the files relies on the command line “zip” function.

if [ -d "bin/data" ]; then \
        mkdir -p res/raw; \
        rm res/raw/androidshaderexampleresources.zip; \
        cd bin/data; \
        zip -r ../../res/raw/androidshaderexampleresources.zip *; \
        cd ../..; \

Current Solution:

Using a third party zip solution:

For now I am using info-zip: (just as the naming is the same zip.exe)

I placed the zip.exe into C:\Zip\ and then added this location to my Windows Environment Variables, in Path.

How else can we manage this?