OF and XCode

Hi guys, I’m trying to develop an application where I have a temperature sensor with an arduino board trying to connect via serial to my ipod touch. I’m new to C and XCode, and I already read memo and others’ tutorials on how to use OF. But is still confused.

I have OS X 10.6.2 and XCode 3.2.3 with iPhone SDK 4.0 running on VMware. I downloaded both the mac version and iPhone version of OF from the download section and tried to compile both of them. Problem is that I can’t get them to build and always end up with 100 some errors, some says the files that are supposed to be imported as not found, some says variables aren’t declared in this scope (this?), and some says ISO C++ forbids something. Also the I’ve tried using the examples but they won’t compile either (even when I adjusted the SDK to 4.0) What should I do to get them to work?

Sorry for not giving the exact errors, I’m not home at the moment and can’t remember the error messages in detail. Thanks in advance.