OF and Macbook Pro 2018 (excess CPU / FAN when compiling)

Hey there

I´m runnung OF 10.1 in Xcode on a Macbook Pro 13 Inch 2018 Model.

As soon as I start to compile and run even the simplest Sketch the Fan starts to kick in. Is this normal behaviour in debug mode? there really can´t be that much processing going on if just showing a few static lines on the screen.

Am I doing something wrong, or is the newest Macbook just a pile of crazy hot crap?


hi, that’s xcode which will compile using all the available cpu power, thus needing a lot of heat to get dissipated. Once the app is running it will also use more cpu power as when it is running stand alone. try opening the compiled app with out xcode. it should not activcate your fans.


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also, I think with Mojave there is a bug where there is no way to set vertical sync with OpenGL (it’s a bug with OpenGL on mojave) so your app will run as fast as possible. you can slow down it down by adding:


in the setup function.


I started using OF this past week and couldn’t understand what was happening but then I tried this and it solved my issue making CPU usage go down from 75% to 40%. Thank you very much Zach!!