OF and CocoaPods



I’m new to OF and started a little project in Xcode. I was wondering if it’s possible to OF alongside CP.

The OF project generator works a little like CP in the sense that an app includes libraries and creates your project. After adding a pod using CP, the project has to be opened via the new Xcode Workspace file, not the project anymore. This is where I think the two systems clash (I think).

Any experience or thought on this?




I’d like to revive this question in case anyone can at least say “no you can’t do that”.

I am wanting to connect to Auth0 on iOS, and the only examples we have found for Auth0 on iOS are using Carthage or Cocoapods.

Are either of those possible to insert into an OF app?

(Or does anyone have any idea how to connect to Auth0 using OF on iOS (and Android?)?)



I am not sure but maybe you can try ofxHTTP


I built an app (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/libretspswp/id1276040950?mt=8) that uses CocoaPods to load some networking libraries in Objective-C and still using the frontend of OF.
I didn’t find any problems using CP.