Of and Bullet

I was wondering if there are already any made and baked addons pertaining to the Bullet simulation engine, before i start to make one. Any other good physics engines would be nice, except Box2D (i’ve done it) and PhysX (too big and too demanding)… :stuck_out_tongue:

if you haven’t seen it already, there’s an addon to the Horde3D engine that uses Bullet…it’s a very clean example.

it’s almost there… but i’m not getting a good vibe from it. i’ll just rip apart the regular bullet engine… any other engines? there must be millions…

Tokamak, ODE, Newton Game Dynamics, Havok…

Bullet seems promising though. It’s integration with Blender suggests a longer term relationship with Open Source…

I heard alot of positive things about bullet.

then bullet it is… now let’s hope this will be more fruitful then Box2d… :cry:

I have not had problems with box2d but they are certainly different animals. 2d Vs. 3d. To do 2d stuff it is cpu overkill to use bullet. But box2d is only for 2d.

Hi everyone,
I’ve noticed that there is a project called ofxBulletPhysics, but I cant’find any files there, am I missing something ?


bullet is ace, the current beta (2.75) supports box2d objects (i.e. 2D physics) and springs and a bunch more too.

I’ve started a bullet wrapper which can be found at

it’s very early days and so far you can only do things like:

ofxBulletRigidWorld world;  
ofPoint p(700, 200, 0);  
world.createRigidSphere(p, 20);  

more info on what you can do in a world:

or access the internals of the world and do everything you want using the pure bullet API.

Before I started this I’d searched the forum and found an ofxBullet, but that wasn’t an addon, just the bullet library… It didn’t occur to me to search the addons.openframeworks.cc, and my ofxBulletPhysics has nothing to do with that!

By the way, I also came across this http://www.adrianboeing.com/pal/index.html
which is an API to wrap most known physics engines. So it provides a simple interface to create a physics world, boxes, this that the other - all agnostic to the underlying engine, so you can swap between bullet, box2d, ODE etc. with one line of code (in setup). Sounds pretty nice.

P.S. if anyone wants to contribute to ofxBulletPhysics, I can move it to its own SVN rep.

i was looking into bullet today and came across some awesome work Akira has done with it in OF. as far as i can tell, this is the most complete ofxBullet addon at this point in time. thought id post the link as it doesn’t appear to be on the forum yet.


Thank you for your introduction

I changed the name of the addon, so the link is depreciated.


Bullet is big, so this is still work in progress state…