OF & github

Hi folks,

Are there any guidelines to contributing to OF via github?

I created my first Pull Request today, but was closed, and just wondering what’s the etiquette for follow-up discussions? Here on the forum/somewhere in github?

Also, is there a policy for development branches? I’m assuming I just make a pull request from my own development branch to openframeworks/openFrameworks master branch… but it would be good to get confirmation.

actually it’s better to use branches for fixes so if you do several fixes we can pull them one by one. Sorry again for wrongly closing the pull request before :S

make a branch with the name of the problem.
push all changes to it and send a pull request based on this branch to of/master.
be sure that you not include unwanted files. but the comparison view of github is quite good.
be sure that you work with recent master. see here http://help.github.com/fork-a-repo/ under “Pull in upstream changes” how to be up-to-date, don’t forget to pull these changes in your branch which you are working on.
so if everything is ok, then someone will happily merge it :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

So, just so I understand…

[quote=“arturo, post:2, topic:6658”]
actually it’s better to use branches for fixes so if you do several fixes we can pull them one by one.[/quote]

ok, am currently following the Fork-±Pull-Model as benben’s reply suggests. I forked of/of, made branches per issue, push them to my remote fork repo and then make the pull request across from my remote fork branch to of/of master. Is it preferred that I create my own branches directly off an of/of clone (as opposed to fork), push my changes to remote branches and make the pull request from my branch to master, all in the same repo?

Also, for further etiquette questions: if I have a change that I’m really not sure about, should I discuss it here on the forum first or just make a pull request and discuss it in the github pull request dialogue? Also, is it considered impolite to reopen my own pull requests before further discussion? :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: No worries at all, think my pull request title was a bit confusingly worded! :slight_smile:

your master should be the same as of/of, if you want to work with your fixes you can have a dev branch where you can apply your fixes and work there, then if some of those fixes doesn’t get into master you can always recreate your dev from master.

the thing with your pull request this morning was that i thought that it was already solved so i just closed it but usually if it’s a bug fix we don’t close it. as much we ask you to change something before merging.

yeah, you are right, fork of/of and do everything in your own fork and its branches. if you think you are ready send your pull request from your own branch to upstream/master (this is what of/of should be called in your fork)

Great - thanks both. Will continue working this way with pull requests and post here again if I have more questions regarding git stuff.

I have a few nice little features that I’d like to contribute, but may need some advice on making them generic and flexible for all OF users - I’m guessing the best way is to ask in the relevant part of the OF forum (e.g. Extend for XML, iOS for iOS gestures) before creating the Pull Request.

Yes you’re right about that.

show us some code!!! :wink: