Of 8.1 error 65542 openGL drivers not installed on windows 7 and windows server 2012 r2

so I noticed a while ago OF applications cannot run on freshly installed windows 7 machines with only minimum standard VGA drivers installed, (as windows come outside the box), if you don’t update the drivers applications will compile but not run (even empty example)

once you update the drivers on the graphics card - empty example compiles and runs properly.

----I recently noticed
same problem
on windows server virtual machines

I don’t plan to run openFrameworks app on a server but I was just curious to test the robustness of openFrameworks given the opportunity

I tested it on a windows server 2012 r2 and 2008 r2machine.- newly installed as a vm on redHat.

now passing a virtual graphics card on the vm will probably fix the issue.

But wouldn’t be an even better solution if we could find a way to make openFrameworks more robust - able to run without “latest openGl drivers?”

The laptop that runned windows 7 was a fairly strong machine and was able to run autocad without any problems… yet an empty openFrameworks app example crashed,

couldn’t we catch that bug and avoid the crash?