OF_62 and 3.2.6

hi guy’s…
im new to OpenFramework, had a go on the installation yesterday, but sadly found that the OF 62 would not compile and run, i have search, read and followed different instruction throughout the forum, changed paths, addon and other settings but without luck.

OF 61 on the other hand works like a charm it seems, but it’s without addons, tried to implement them from the 62 package including the example files as well as hammering away with different setings but without luck.

What’s the state on the OF 62 incl. addons for xCode 3.2.6 ?
any tip’s or tricks to make it work ?

thanks :slight_smile:

0.061 FAT has the addons as well. but what’s the problem you’re having with 0062? i remember some people having trouble with some specific version of xcode and 0062 and they solved it by reinstalling xcode