OF + 3D Connexions Space Navigator


I just bought Space navigator, a simple 3D mouse:

I have never used any devices other than mouse, webcam or micro thats why I’d like to know if anybody allready has some experience with things like that.

How do I generally access those devices from within my open frameworks application?

Thanks in advance!

HI Moka, I’ve got one of those and use it with a lot of things - quite cool to navigate 3D scenes. if you wanna get down and dirty you can use its SDK, but I just use Osculator to map the data to OSC… very simple!

and how do you access the data within OF? sorry I have no experience at all in this area :>

sorry, first of all, osculator is mac osx only… dunno if there is an alternative to it on pc/linux.

how far did you get? what you need to do is:

  1. install the drivers (obviously)
  2. run osculator and create a new document
  3. move the spacenav in all directions and press all the buttons so osculator detects them all and creates a layer for each signal
  4. click on the PARAMETERS button on the osculator window toolbar
  5. goto the OSC HOSTS tab, and add a new host (you can leave it as default - localhost / 9000)
  6. close that window and back in the osculator window, change the EVENT TYPE of /sp/1/trans/xyz to OSC ROUTING and the value to LOCALHOST:9000 (just for the parent entry, not the child entries)
  7. do the same for /sp/1/rot/xyz and /sp/1/button/1 and /sp/1/button/2
  8. listen for the relevant osc messages from your OF app using the ofxOSC addon (have a look at the OSCReceiver addon sample)

We just setup osculator to send on port 9000, so thats what you need to set your port in OF (dont’ be fooled by the 8000 in the top left of the osculator window, thats the input port osculator listens on for incoming messages).

PS you could actually merge steps 4-6 by selecting NEW from the VALUE column in the osculator document… but I thought I’d demo the full path before the shortcut.

PPS. if you wanted to have the spacenav on computer A sending the data to a different computer B wirelessly, all you need to do is replace the LOCALHOST (in the hosts tab of osculator ) with the IP address of the computer running your OF app… thats it!! no other changes anywhere! welcome to the beautiful world of OSC!!

PPPS. remember to save your osculator document so you dont have to set it up every time.

PPPPS. The 3dconnexxion SDK isn’t that complex if you wanna have a look…

thank you very much memo, that should get me started for now!