OF 101 for Flash developers

My background is developing Flash website since Flash 4 but I am new at OF and have just studied OF a month. I had a chance of OF knitting circle - Parsons yesterday. Zach showed great and helpful instruction of OF and now I feel much clear about OF. Here is sample code I made yesterday as result of the workshop.

If you are flash developer you might be familiar with the visual but no idea with OF. That’s why I would like to share this results with someone who has flash background and have no idea where he/she can start with OF. You might recognize how you can dive to OF easily. This demo shows how to draw simple circles with texts and line and how to build classes and use in OF.(ver 006)



Very cool demo but one question: I downloaded your source files and am wondering why you have the myRect class inherit from ofBaseApp? To me, it makes sense to only have one class inherit from ofBaseApp which should only be the testApp class right?