OF 090 and Mac Retina render

Hello !

A remark about OF 090 render with a Mac Retina display :

  • With OF 084, render was “double scaling”, like a “non retina friendly” website in your browser
  • With OF 090, same code, render is now at retina pixel scale

This can be a little boring with some complex GUI, that now look very small, specially if you have a 5k mac.
It’s not a problem for futurs projects, but there is maybe a hack to switch between 2 types of render ?

I have looking inside ofCore without success, but I’m sure it’s just a small trick (with GLFW context?).

It’s possible, and simple, to draw GUI into a texture and extend it (and update mouse coords) but the render is not the same, and text are smoothed (normal).

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Same situation for iOS retina devices :frowning:
There is an ofxEasyRetina addon from @armadillu and it worked for iOS devices except minor problem with ofFbo.
I suggest/hope this addon to be integrated in core openFrameworks.

It’s really a problem if you work more than 1 screen : move a window from Retina screen to normal screen create bug, resize Fbo, etc…

Any infos is welcome :slight_smile:

Have find a way by reset all my Information Property List in Xcode. Everything is working fine now.