OF 071 compatibility with ofxUI, ofxCv, ofxARToolKitPlus

Hi everyone,

I worked on AR recently, building an application implementing both ofxCv and ofxARToolKitPlus, using OpenFrameworks 007.
Then i wanted to start working on the UI using ofxUI - which needs to use the 071 version of OpenFrameworks.

So i cloned my project and included back again all addons i need (manually, using OF 071).
Now i got these problem :

  • ofxCv : i can’t use cv::imshow nor cv::namedWindow functions, even if i can use ofxCv for imagery calculations, etc.

It may seems like it is not a big deal ; but now i can’t see what happens on ofxCv side (which is really annoying for i have to check what’s happening in real time).

Does anyone got the same sort of problem using OF 071 ?

Thanks for the help !

Note :

  • the addon is properly linked
  • the application is compiling
  • i can use toCv(), cvtColor(), toOf() functions
  • when i try to init a camera, grab the frame, convert it to CV, convert it back to OF and display it, it seems not ok for it shows pixels from another buffer than the video camera (supposedly, i’m not an expert in that at all !) - i’ve tried this in OF 0070 and it worked fine.

I’ve tried to rebuild everything from scratch, based on the emptyExample delivered with OF 0071; and I still can’t use ofxCv properly.

Any ideas ?

![](http://forum.openframeworks.cc/uploads/default/2513/Capture d’écran 2012-07-13 à 12.54.40.png)

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