OF 0072 -- still no alpha Quicktimes on Windows?

Hi there, I have migrated to OF 0072, and was happy to see that ofVideoPlayer movies with alpha channels now work properly…well, on OS X, at least. You simply call [font=Verdana]movie.setPixelFormat(OF_PIXELS_RGBA)[/font] prior to loading the movie, and it just works, now that OS X is using the ofQTKitPlayer.

However, I was discouraged to see that when I switched over to test on Windows, it was still unimplemented. ofQuickTimePlayer (which handles video playback on Windows) implements [font=Verdana]setPixelFormat()[/font] to return true in the case of [font=Verdana]OF_PIXELS_RGB[/font], and in any other case it logs a warning and returns false. There is no code for 4-component videos in there.

I did notice a pull request (https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/pull/1218) that had a fix for this. I’ve tried it locally, and it works fine on Windows. But the pull request was closed because another developer allegedly had a more advanced version under way (https://github.com/gameoverhack/openFrameworks/tree/feature-setPixelFormatQuicktime). This was supposed to be in 0072, no? But it seems I still have to use an addon to handle the Windows alpha case.

Any updates on alpha videos for Windows? Thanks.

(I guess this is related to this-thread, but I’m not specifically concerned with FLV videos, just regular old Quicktimes.)