OF 0071 iOS Examples Issue

Hi. I have just downloaded the OF 0071 iOS package from the openFrameworks website. When I try to compile an example app (seems to be any example, even emptyExample) in Xcode, I get the same list of errors and the app will not compile. I’ve included an image of the errors here.

It seems all of the errors have to do with this file: ofiPhoneVideoPlayer.mm

Is there something I need to compile first, separately? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

I should add that I’m working with Xcode 4.2 on OSX 10.6.8.

Yeah i dont know. I got home last night and downloaded 0071 on my Lion machine with the iOS 5.1.1 SDK and everything works fine. I doubt that’s the issue, but I would still like to get it working on my Snow Leopard laptop. I can’t update my laptop to Lion yet, because I use it for work.

Any ideas?