OF 007

What is the likely release date for the 007 release?

Same question.

I see more and more addons done for 007, but I didn’t dare for my own projects.

Can we go ? is it dangerous :slight_smile: ?

I think it is close. I only use 007 nowadays and it works more than well for me.

While we’re at it, it would be nice to introduce a sane versioning policy. consider that people have been calling the github version for the last half year “007”, and that 007 is _not out yet_, that’s really confusing and wrong… Why not do it like nearly everyone else? Call it “trunk”, “head”, “dev”, “A.B alpha/betaC” or what you will, but not a version string from the future.

I absolutely agree. But sometimes the terms understood the best may be technically wrong but at least most people knew what you’re talking about. But will use the term head, as soon 007 is out when referring to github version :wink:

what I meant was when is the git head going to be tagged as “007” and then we can start calling the head “008” or something! ;D ;D

word! :smiley:

Very big THANK YOU to all of you who are working on OF.
This release is inspiring ;D ;D

I’ve also found some presentations by Roxlu. Really clear.

I was thinking the same thing since I’ve tried a few examples for 007 that don’t work because of small changes in the source in github. It is just confusing.


There is no FAT package for 007 right?

No but AFAIK as I know all “FAT” libraries are in there.

there aren’t any fat or non-fat packages anymore, just grab the right OS and have fun! :slight_smile:

Just want to say : i switched my project to 007, that’s great, ofColor is as powerful as it can…
I followed every warnings as a kid and upgraded everything without any troubles.

Great work as usual 8)