of 007 + ofxOpenNI

Hi all !

I got 007 openframeworks version with the gameoverhack ofxOpenNi addon https://github.com/gameoverhack/ofxOpenNI working on Xcode 4, all the things seems to be ok, i can compile the example correctly, but when run the example app and pressed the t key for user track, Depthview and IRview disapear from the app window and i can see nothing,

Did someone the same problem?


I have the same problem. Have you found any solutions?


I found that if you disable isMasking first you can track users. Not ideal. Hoping this will be fixed soon.

I’m also finding that trying to exit the program causes it to crash. Is anyone else having this problem?

Hi James,

thanks for the isMasking trick, hoping too the fixing soon. Sorry, but i don’t have the problem that you told when exit the program.

I found a fix for the exit issue here http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/openni-skeleton-tracking/5125/165