OF 007 ofVideoPlayer bad frame


I made a simple osx app that loads 4 short low res videos in setup.

I have one video play fullscreen and once it reaches the end the next one will play.
When the first stops and the next starts playing for a short moment i can see a bad frame. it looks like a jumble of icons, text and other random images.

when i use the threaded goVideoPlayer i do not see this problem.


thx, stephan.

void testApp::update(){  
	if(video[curMovieNum].getCurrentFrame() == video[curMovieNum].getTotalNumFrames()){  
		if(curMovieNum >= numberOfMovies) curMovieNum=0;  
		cout<<"new movieNum "<<curMovieNum<<endl;  

Try setting verticalSync on in your setup


Thank for your reply.

I am already using ofSetVerticalSync(true);
If i am right vertical synch prevents video frames to be torn.
But what i see is some random assembled image.

Here a link:

I also tried first starting the new movie playing and then stopping the old.

Strange is that when I do the same if OF 062 I do not get this problem.


I see the frame you mean. Do you get this at the start of every video and the time it loops back around, or just the once?

I’m also having problems with ofVideoPlayer in 007. I’m trying to manipulate a set of videos by frame using videoPlayer.nextFrame();

However, despite videoPlayer.getTotalNumFrames() returning 99 frames, I can’t advance past frame 28. Its really bizarre. It seems like there might be a problem with the codec or something? I’ve switched to photo-jpeg after seeing others recommend it, but it made no difference to me.

Hi Paul,

Did you find a fix for this?
I’m also trying to run through a video by jumping to the nextFrame each time a frame isFrameNew(). The video in OF seems to be missing a couple of frames (not in a normal QT Player). When I jump between frames with my keyboard the frames are still missing (I see the same image data as the previous frame).
It feels like an actual OF bug. I’ve tried building it into the standard moviePlayerExample with the fingers and it happens there as well.

Does anybody have a solution for this?