OF 0.9.4 Release


Hi all,

Since we released 0.9.3 there have been a few issues that have come up with IDEs that necessitated a 0.9.4 hot-fix release.

Mainly issues were with Xcode 8 / OS X10.12 SDK needing a AVFoundation based grabber and QT Creator not working after being updated to latest version.

You can download the 0.9.4 release from:

This is a minor version with only fixes so it should be totally compatible with 0.9.3 projects.
Change log is below.



/ ofParameterGroup: fix for clear not freeing the children weak_ptrs / ofParameter: clean invalid weak_ptr



/ recompiled freeimage to fix support for 32bits
/ Change to not include QuickTime or QTKit files for 10.12 
+ New AVFoundation grabber for OS X 10.12 

/ install_dependencies: add check to see if all packages are up to date
/ fix compatibility with qtcreator 4.1.0
/ fixes for serial in msys2 and linux

/ fixes for msys2 with qtcreator
/ fixes for serial in msys2 and linux

/ Fix to iOS examples which had missing Icon and Splash screen files.  

Note there currently seems to be an issue with MSYS2 projects with the latest GCC which is being looked into.
See comments at the end of this issue: