oF 0.9.3 slow video playback with debug build on Windows 10

I’m using oF 0.9.3 on Windows 10 and I am getting very slow video playback when running the debug version of the application, about 1-2fps. When I run the release version I get 60fps.

The machine spec is i7-5500 2.4ghz ; 8gb RAM ; geforce 920M

This discrepancy has only recently started happening; I think there has been an update from windows in the interim.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Many Thanks

Confirmed- I just noticed this when updating a project from OF 0.9.0- the whole application slows to a crawl in debug, and additionally ofGetLastFrameTime() (which I’m using for an on-the-fly framerate display) appears to be returning 0 (or at least 1.0/ofGetLastFrameTime() returns inf). Only the version of OF I built the project with changed, not the machine or OS.

This is frustrating, given that I updated (and re-customized a couple trivial locations of the OF codebase) specifically to fix the setVolume issue with videos in 0.9.0 (wherein setting volume lower than ~0.004 yielded no volume change because the resultant log10(volPct)*4000 in ofDirectShowPlayer was <-10000 and therefore rejected by IBasicAudio::put_Volume).

64-bit app under windows 8.1, i7-4790 3.6, 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 760

I have also had this issue. I’m lucky to over 1 fps which is ridiculous!!

Intel i7 6700HQ (2.6GHz, 3.5GHz Turbo)
16GB HyperX RAM
GeForce GTX 960M

Would be great to get this resolved!

I opened an issue on Github but still haven’t heard anything:

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Has anyone heard anything more or know what might be happening and have some workarounds?
I’m still having the same issues in 0.9.8.
Many Thanks

Do you have the k-lute codec pack installed?
As linked in here: http://openframeworks.cc/setup/vs/

Also it is possible to enable debugging in Release builds - we do this sometimes when the Debug build is far too slow to be usable.

hello theo,

it happen also with of 0.10.

why it happen? it would be very appreciate solve this bug. Can i help in any way?


Hi there,
I’m still seeing the same issue here on OF 0.10 - debug builds are playing video very slowly, release builds run smoothly. It doesn’t show up with the ‘fingers.mov’, but with larger video clips its very noticeable.