Of 0.9.0 windows video with alpha channel


I tried to compile ofHapPlayer with 0.9.0 on windows. I got following error:

‘GetProcessInformation’: second C linkage of overloaded function not allowed (compiling source file …\of_v0.9.0_vs_release\addons\ofxHapPlayer\src\ofxHapPlayer.cpp) circleTracking E:\of_v0.9.0_vs_release\libs\quicktime\include\Processes.h 195

OK, Is there another option to play videos with alpha channel. ofxVideoPlayer? or can I render the alpha to black an do something like add or multiply with a renderer?


I tried ofxDSHapVideoPlayer althouhg, alpha working great, but I can*t blend the video out or in…

Why you don’t use the 0.9.5 ?

which player I can use in 0.9.5?