oF 0.9.0 and VS2015RC feedback


So far, I managed to compile the project generator, which works fine.

  • It seems there is a wrong version of OpenCV in the repo, I get linker errors like this:
    MSC_VER 1700 does not correspond to 1900 in main.obj for opencv_calib3d231d.lib
    Does it mean we have to upgrade/recompile openCV?
  • I’m trying to play a video using a ofVideoPlayer, I use movie.loadMovie(“movies/fingers.mov”) which fails.
    On line 527 of ofDirectShowPlayer.cpp hr returns 0x80040265 maybe because the path inside filePathW is H:\openFrameworks\openFrameworks\apps\myApps\RuttEtra\bin\data/movies/fingers.mov (mixing forward and back slashes?)

Thank you