OF 0.7.4 & Code::Blocks - Does anyone can provide the right rtaudio lib?

Continuing the discussion from Any app using audioOut & ofSoundstream crashes on startup.:

Working on a Mac OS 10.6 machine, I use the OF 0.7.4 release.
I make applications for a performance.
I need my apps to work on a Windows 7 64bit machine too (this is the fallback machine, in case of material problem with the Mac).
My apps run successfully on both the machines, except for one. This app use ofSoundStream.
Then I tried the audioOutputExample, using Code::Blocks 12.11. the app build fine, but crash.
I read (see the quote) that this is a problem with the rtaudio lib. As I understand, this bug wasn’t fixed in the 0.7.4 release (my apologies if I am wrong !)
In the previous topic, the author solved the problem recompiling this lib with the new mingw compiler. But I don’t know how to do that.
Does anyone already have the compiled rtaudio lib and can provide it to me ?
Or can explain to me how to compile it ?
Thank you.

I tried to copy the rtaudio.a file from OF 0.8.0 to OF 0.7.4 but it doesn’t work.

Still nobody ?