Of 0.11 -not working on pi!

running on a pi3 b+ with Buster lite fresh install - I have used previous OFs with lite versions and all is ok.
OF seems to compile ok, and I’ve followed the usual instructions but cannot get any window!
I’ve followed instructions to go back to old type of window as I assumed that was the issue…
compiling the polygonExample I just get:
[notice ] ofAppEGLWindow: display(): eglSwapBuffers failed: or could not be initialised.

How can I get this working? can’t go back to old versions /old OS.



Give this a try:

  • Type in the command sudo raspi-config

For openFrameworks 0.11.0 and onwards OF needs to use the new experimental GL driver instead of the legacy driver.

  1. Select 7 Advanced Options and hit Enter
  • Select GL Driver and hit Enter

Hope that helps!

Thanks Theo - unfortunately this does not work… in fact it seems to be the opposite LOL!
also there are 3 GL drivers Legacy, software KMS and full KMS.

I need to use Buster without X11 as explained. I’ve done loads of OF installs/setups on previous versions and its all been fine. However, this seems to work for 0.11:

Keep driver as ‘Legacy’ in raspi-config.
comment out
USE_GLFW_WINDOW = 1 AND USE_PI_LEGACY = 0 in libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/linuxarmv6l/config.linuxarmv6l.default.mk
Compile OF
Add PROJECT_LDFLAGS += -latomic
to config.make for the project to compile.

Maybe there is a better way to do it??

I’ve also done a test on another install using a pi with Buster+ OF 0.11 + X11/desktop with the GL driver on. It does run with the new settings, but the graphics performance is fairly awful.!
as I say I wouldn’t be using X11 anyway(not on a Pi at least)

Hopefully the ability to use OF without X11 on a Pi will NOT be going away…!

Ah sorry, I assumed you wanted to use the GLFW window.
Yes, if you don’t want to use the X11 approach, what you describe is correct.

In terms of Pi without X11 it should remain for models up to Pi 3+.
The issue is that with RPi 4 they changed the way the device works and broke the driver that allowed for a GL context without X.

There are many discussions about it on other forums and maybe its possible, but when we were working on 0.11 there wasn’t a working solution that I was aware of.

ps: I found this page recently that suggests its possible EGL + Rpi 4 without X.
I spent a bit of time trying to get this working but didn’t have any luck.

Thanks again Theo - looks like I can stick with the pi3B+ for now. Works well for my needs. If I do need more powerful graphics+CPU etc. I can just use a Mac Mini or Linux/Intel PC.
I’m hoping there aren’t any other surprises with 0.11 :slight_smile: