OF 0.11.2 pi4 bullseye - some projects with addons do not compile due to "config.addons.mk:210: *** missing separator"

Pretty much as the title says, if I try to compile some projects that use addons, I get the following output when the compile fails:

/home/pi/openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/makefileCommon/config.addons.mk:210: *** missing separator.

I haven’t checked all the examples, but so far it seems to happen to:
anything with ofxRPI4Window

And from my initial observations, I think this only happens when the addons have an addon_config.mk file in the addon folder, but I might be wrong here.

I found a similar issue here on github, but it might be a red herring:

From what I can decipher from this thread, the fault lies somewhere with an incompatibility with make 4.3 (Bullseye uses this).

Should I try to downgrade to make 4.2 on my pi? Or is there something else I can do?
Thank you!

Hmm on macOS I don’t see this issue when compiling with make.

Looking at the addons_config.mk for ofxOpenCv I do see some spaces instead of tabs.
Two lines should start ^I

using cat -e -t -v ../../../addons/ofxOpenCv/addon_config.mk

    ADDON_PKG_CONFIG_LIBRARIES = opencv4 harfbuzz$
^IADDON_LIBS_EXCLUDE = libs/opencv/%$
^IADDON_INCLUDES_EXCLUDE += libs/opencv/%$
    ADDON_PKG_CONFIG_LIBRARIES = opencv harfbuzz$
^IADDON_LIBS_EXCLUDE = libs/opencv/%$
^IADDON_INCLUDES_EXCLUDE += libs/opencv/%$
^IADDON_LIBS_EXCLUDE = libs/opencv/%$
^IADDON_INCLUDES_EXCLUDE += libs/opencv/%$

However the assimp addon_config.mk doesn’t have any spaces and it seems to cause the issue too.

I do remember running addon examples with RPi 4 on 0.11.2 - maybe it is an issue with the version of make?

Thank you.
I can definitely get some add-ons to work too. ofxGUI for example, works.
In that GitHub forum I linked, they talk a bit about the issue being with add-ons that use other add-ons and they get around that by making sure that the addons.make file lists all the involved add-ons, not just the ones at the top of the hierarchy, if that makes sense. But really I’m a little out of my depth with some of this stuff.
I tried rolling back to make 4.2 but got a bunch of esoteric error messages. It was late so I gave up but I’m gonna have another go at that tomorrow and see what I can find out.
edit: haven’t made much headway with this, so I’ve gone back to using Buster instead of Bullseye for the time being.