Of 0.11.2 on raspberry pi 4 bulleyes - can launch from start

Yet more RPI OF problems …

in the RPI install guide in section " Tips for 0.11.0 / Raspberry Pi 4"
you can install Xorg and run from commandline without full desktop:

startx ./polygonExample – -s off

polygonExample compiles fine but launching via this method fails due to server shutting down.
See this error but I still see it if I run openbox.

XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set in environment.xinit

I installed openbox and can run starts to get a window manager and use RunRelease to launch file, which works but not what I want.

Any idea??


Should be:
sudo startx ./polygonExample -- -s off

Also make sure that you have installed xorg, otherwise it won’t work.

thanks, but this does not work. I have Xorg and Openbox and as explained can just do startx and get a simple windowing system, but I need the system to run without this. It used to work on Pi3 Buster I’m sure.

Pi 3 has different video drivers / chips and so was a lot more flexible for creating GL contexts without needing X. When we updated OF to be compatible with Rpi 4 we lost some of those features.

@jvcleave has something similar partially working but I don’t think it has keyboard or mouse support yet. You can check it out here: https://github.com/jvcleave/ofxRPI4Window

In theory it should be doable to pull in those changes and get it working in the core. However I did notice when I ran it with this approach performance wasn’t as good as in Rpi 3.

It could be that there is better native video driver support now - so it could be worth relooking at.

I hope that provides some context.

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thanks -had forgotten about that project, will have a look.