OF 0.11.2 on Le Potato SBC - no graphics

Got one of these which seems to work well and runs 64 bit Raspbian ok.

I got everything working as described below, but when running PolygonExample or 3DPrimitivesExample I get a window, but no graphics just a black image.

make shows this just as it finishes and is the only error I can see:

cp /home/user/openFrameworks/libs/*/lib/linuxarmv7l/*.so bin/ ; true
cp: cannot stat '/home/user/openFrameworks/libs/*/lib/linuxarmv7l/*.so': No such file or directory

Any ideas?

I got OF to build using the Arm7 instructions. I had to fix some libs like this though:

> ./apothecary -t linux download kiss
> ./apothecary -t linux prepare kiss
> ./apothecary -t linux build kiss
> ./apothecary -t linux download tess2
> ./apothecary -t linux prepare tess2
> ./apothecary -t linux build tess2

sudo cp apothecary/apothecary/build/kiss/lib/linux/libkiss.a openFrameworks/libs/kiss/lib/linuxarmv7l/

sudo cp apothecary/apothecary/build/tess2_patched/build/libtess2.a openFrameworks/libs/tess2/lib/linuxarmv7l/

Also. needed to edit some config files similar to what is discussed here: