OF 0.11.0 Release

Has anyone compiled an of app on osx catalina with the makefiles? I have not yet updated and i think travis uses mojave. A colleague of mine reported an error, but i am not sure his machine is configured correctly. The project downloads the newest release from the website.

Compiling OF library for Release
makefileCommon/config.shared.mk:217: *** This package doesn't support your platform, /Users/username/Documents/projects/projectname/of_v0.11.0_osx_release/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project probably you downloaded the wrong package?.  Stop.

Did they make sure Xcode and Command Line Tools were installed?
Once they have downloaded Xcode they can do this in the terminal:
xcode-select --install to install the command line tools.

Thanks Theo. they are already installed.
xcode-select: error: command line tools are already installed, use "Software Update" to install updates
There is xcode Version 10.2.1 (10E1001) installed and the command line tools are updated.

It is not super important to get it working on his machine, i was just wondering if this is a bug others might run into as well.
Does it work on your machine?

I would definitely update to Xcode 11.2 .1 or whatever is the latest for them.
I am on 10.14.6 and Xcode 11.2.1 and it compiles on the command line without issue for me.

I wonder though if in 10.15 the host name changed from Darwin to macOS or something else?
The error seems related to not finding the right host name.

Can they try:

export MAKEFILE_DEBUG=1 && make && make run

in any of the example project folders?

And share this section of the output?

=================== config.mk platform detection ================
=================== config.mk paths =============================

i will check when i am back at work in January. I filed an issue on github.

PG for iOS projects still doesn’t open Xcode after generating the project. Is this a un-fixed bug or this happened only to me ?

Just ran the graphicsExample on a completely fresh new MacBook Pro which came with Catalina preinstalled using the makefiles with no issue. Must be some other bug @thomasgeissl @Theo

@Dorald PG opened in Xcode with no issues for me on this system as well.

thanks for the awesome update…

i’m getting openCv? related errors when trying to compile examples coming with some older addons…

with ofxQuadwarp xcode complains about…
Use of undeclared identifier ‘cvFindHomography’; did you mean ‘cv::findHomography’?
Reference to type ‘const cv::_InputArray’ could not bind to an lvalue of type ‘CvMat *’

as well when using ofxKinectProjectorToolkit…
Unknown type name ‘flann_datatype_t’; did you mean ‘launch_data_type_t’?

i got both addons working fine with of_v0.10.1…

Thanks @Theo @arturo and team. I need to download a copy of v0.10.1 for VS for my current project. I just went to download it from the archive page and it is not there. Is there a link somewhere to get this? Thanks!

Hi James,

Ahh I see we need to update the older releases page.

For now here is the directory where all the 0.10.1 releases live:

Great thanks @theo

@thomasgeissl any update on the makefile issue?
Could you see what happens with

I think you’ll need to transition the old addons from the older OpenCV api to the newer api.
cvFindHomography becomes cv::findHomography etc

If you want to use the older api - you could probably copy the contents of ofxOpenCV/libs from the v0.10.1 version and replace it in the 0.11.0 version

hey theo, the output is identical to yours.
It turned out that the error was caused by a whitespace in the directory structure.
I tried to replicate it on my machine, but i got different errors.

ah yeah - that might be an issue ( spaces in folder names needing to be escaped ).
glad it works in 10.15 though!