oF 0.11.0 on RPi 2 / ArchLinux following the rules…

Hi there,
so i just setup a fresh Arch Linux on my RPi2 and successfully followed the nice

Getting your Raspberry Pi 2 B ready for openFrameworks

which went fine down to the Make process.
The error is immediately at start and says:

`*** recipe commences before first target. Stop`

Two differences i found were:

  • The subfolder called /Projects/ in .mk files is found as /project/ after extraction
  • Readme.md says $PLATFORM_ARCH=armv7l would be part of the makefile’s name, which is found containing linuxarm7l as the specified portion.

UPDATE: As stated on StackOverflow, this error is caused by make v4.0 on Arch as of dec. 2020, while the makefile included syntax is for make v3.81.

So: Can you please help me updating the makefiles to support make v4.0, @theo or @arturo ?