OF 0.10 iOS Issues

A couple of current bugs/differences with the iOS distribution that I’ve noticed using it so far:

  • Project Generator is the OSX version, not iOS
  • Multitouch doesn’t work, so touch.id is always 0, and touch.numTouches is always 1
  • Orientation seems to work differently, it doesn’t seem to rotate, it always stays portrait.

The multitouch and orientation pieces I have checked by moving an app’s source code and testing on of 0.9 and 0.10

we know already about the first issue and will be fixed in 0.10.1 but can you open an issue for each of the other 2 problems?

yup, done!

Hi Miles.

Did you set
settings.enableMultiTouch = true;
at main.mm ?

This works for me (ios 11.4 and xcode 9.4, using of 0.10)

I don’t know if I’ve tried that, what a numpty if I haven’t tho!
next time I jump at it I’ll try it and report back!

Can report that multitouch is not working. Latest Xcode, latest iOS, iPad Pro, MacOS Mojave on the latest oF Nightly.

settings.enableMultiTouch = true; doesn’t seem to do anything, either :frowning:
I wonder if there’s anything else that’ll just magically make this work? Something in the plist or something? I’ll try to keep digging.

Ok it works now, had it in the wrong place in the main.mm file.

Added a PR to add it to the main.mm template so that there’s no confusion later if @arturo or someone can check!