Oculus VR with Shader Art and OFX

Hey there,

I have been creating a series of shader art pieces and would like to explore the possibility of texturing the inside of a sphere - then presenting it in the Oculus Rift.

I wanted to ask if anyone has been able to get a presentable VR setup with openframeworks, that just involves head tracking, I am not too worried about the controllers. I will be doing this on windows.

How feasible is this for someone who has been using openframeworks for about 5 months? I could use unity but where’s the flexibility in that :stuck_out_tongue: PLUS openFrameworks is beautifully familiar enviroment :slight_smile:

Thanks all

I’ve been using ofxOpenVR. There’s a branch somewhere on github that’s working.

I think it’s feasible as long as you’re familiar with texturing and using shader.

One thing to pay attention to is may aliasing? It might be more apparent when viewing in HMD.

I have successfully used ofxOculusRiftCV1 with OF 0.9.8 before. It does not work with OF 0.10.0. no controllers there. head can be tracked. The issue is, that MS does not support VS2015 anymore. You must find your way around getting this working with OF0.9.8 and VS2017. sort of a dead end.

Saying that, I have most recently adapted & updated ofxOpenVR for OF 0.10.0 and VS2017 and oculus CV1 ( and should work with vive as well which i do not have). It does recognise controllers. It is running well. All other repos & forks on git do not work (anymore) to my knowledge. I have not yet released this as it is the current work in progress. Saying that, I may just do so after a little polishing…

5 months of coding? Why not! You can do it…I would actually like to see what you mean by shader art. sounds very promising.

Hi, would you be able to share some code or advice on how to make ofxOpenVR work for OF 0.10.0 and VS2017? I spent some time trying to make it work but don’t have enough experience with Windows OF really… Before I mostly worked on MacOS and I made installation using ofxDK2 on MacOS while ago, but now trying with Windows I would love the idea of working with OF in VR again (now I have Rift S). It would help many people with similar concern I guess…

Hi, I would love to! I hope to find time in January, this has been long on my list. Pls feel free to remind me again in January

@pdziadur I have uploaded the version of openVR that was working in 2018 here:

I remember this was working in 2018 with OF 0.10 on Windows 10. I took out some deprecated functions to make it compile. I am uploading this to be helpful, I have currently no way of testing this.

Remember: you have to install openVR/Steam.

Follow the original instructions from smallfly, which are still in my readme

Good luck, let me know how it goes

Thank you so much! Will try to run it and let you know how it went!

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@pdziadur Hi Pawel, didi you try and did it work?