Object Shattering Library/Algorithm?

I’m looking for a way to shatter a given geometric object? Is there any prior art or addon out there that will do this in OF? I’ve only ever seen this done in something like Maya, After Effects, etc.



Time ago i adapted this with ofxBullet but the results weren’t the best … i have to catch where i put that code, and if you are interested i can put in a my github repo…

I did it with kinect point clouds ( http://naufolio.augmentedrealityag.com/installations/nike-szczesny-wall/ ), but I understand that your scenario is a little bit different.

In my opinion, for best results, you should prepare your 3D object in a shatter-friendly way: for example, knowing how the indexes are wrapped will probably make your life easier.
I’d probably try to generate the single shards in a geometry shader and I’d handle the fly away movement in a vertex shader.