Object initialization issue (memory problem?)

Hey, I’m building an animation framework, and I’ve got a lot of it fleshed out, and my vertices have a “queue” of instructions. If the vertex is currently completing an instruction (rotation or translation), it throws the new instruction to it’s list of things to do, and continues on it’s way. The weird thing, is that only the most recently initialized vertex object works properly. I can send new instructions to the older object, but it doesn’t render in the way that it’s supposed to. Everything I’ve seen suggests to me something’s overwriting something else in memory (why would two instances of the same object behave differently?), but it’s outside of my c/c++ knowledge. My xcode project is at http://www.candersonmiller.com/downloads/cartoonBirds.tar.gz

Any ideas would be really helpful, because I’m stumped.

Thanks so much!

[update!] I figured it out. I wasn’t initializing some of my state variables, and when I was making multiple objects, they were picking up whatever the memory address had previously.

ahh cool!
glad you got it working.

I was looking through your example and it was pretty baffling - though looks like a nice animation system! Very curious to see how it progresses.

I had had a similar issue with vectors and data addresses getting shifted around as I added new objects to my list.

It can end up being a nightmare to debug.