Object finder for smaller faces

Hi! I’m using object finder in ofxcv to detect smiles. It works, however, it is harder to detect when the face is smaller/ further from the camera. My face and smile finder is already set to sensitive.


Is there a way that I can track smiles further away from the camera using ofxcv object finder, or is it better to use another plugin like ofxFaceTracker2?

Thank you!

couple of thoughts – face trackers tend to have a minimum pixel size for faces, can you grab a larger image from the camera?

also, here’s another smile detector that’s OS X based – I’m not 100% if it works small but just throwing it out as an option:

Thank you so much! I’ll check it out especially the CID seeing as I want to make this compatible with iphones. I just tried ofxFaceTracker2 and it did detect smaller faces and rotation a lot better as well

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cool… Just a quick note that I’m a big fan of ofxFaceTracker2 – I use it for installations as I find it finds faces better / works in more adverse conditions. It uses a different underlying face finding technique (HoG vs Haar)

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yeah totally agree! It works really really well