Object Detection (tennis racket)

Dear all,

I am new to cpp and openframwork. But, I really like to work on it. Please help me in getting started with object recognition. I wish to detect an object e.g. a tennis racket. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Man you’r facing a non trivial task - especially if you’r new to cpp. … have a look into the openframeworks opencv examples. opencv is a library suited for computer vison tasks and implements function like object recognition - but don’t expect a ready to go out of the box solution.

Below is a link to good writeup on what it takes to get a logo recognized. Like m9 was saying, it’s certainly non-trivial (especially for a non-rectangular object like a tennis racket) but this gives a good intro into some of the tech/process involved.



Thanks for the reply. What if i do template matching? Haar finding would require making training samples and i think it is non-trivial.
I can also only detect the circular region of the racket and it would be covered. Such that i may consider it as a blob. And then keep tracking this blob. Is this a possibility? Am i going in the right direction?

I know it does not serve the major purpose of object recognition. But, for a start with this procedure would i be able to recognize the tennis racket?


if you’re trying to detect a tennis racket in an uncontrolled environment (like random google search photos) this is an incredibly hard problem. OF is not the right tool. you need to focus on learning OpenCV directly, and start reading about advanced object detection techniques. and if you get something that even works half of the time you should publish a paper because that’s very impressive :slight_smile:

if you’re trying to detect a tennis racket in a controlled environment, where you can paint the racket a specific color or add markers to it, and there’s an uncluttered environment, now we’re talking about something doable.

Thanks for the help :).
As soon as I make some progress, I would upload my findings and code.

As kyle said it depends on how controlled is your environment.
Maybe if you tell us about how you want to use this maybe there could be an alternative, easier method.