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Hi everyone!

I’m doing an OF application with rectangles moving around a center point (center of the screen). The idea is: when you click on a rectangle, another one appears in a random position.

My problem is to know when one of these rectangles was clicked, because i can’t check the position because the rectangle is always moving.

The rectangles are a simple ofRectangle. I was looking for somekind of method or function to check if the rectangle was clicked.

Any suggestions?

Hi lipo,

maybe you can solve this problem by using ofMSAinteractiveObjects. À Class written by Mehmet Akten. You will find it, when u search for it, there should also Be an example.


while memo’s addon will be good, you probably will be aided by making an object –

see the OOP tutorial here:


if you make an object that has a x,y,w,h, then you can check for clicks by:

if( x > myObject.x && x < (myObject.x + myObject.width) && y > myObject.y &&  y < (myObject.y + myObject.height) ){  
  // do something here    

hope that helps !

Thanks for the suggestions!

@zach: i have a class very similar as Mikkel Koser’s ofBall class. The problem is to update the position of my rectangle. It’s moving around the center of the screen, something like:

  // Translate coordinate origin   
  // Rotate rectangles around it  
    j -= 0.05;  
    // ... here i draw the rectangles  

I can’t find the way to update the position and check if the rectangle have been clicked (just the same way like you posted). :?
I’m trying to make some maths to update the x position, but the z position it’s important because it modifies the w of the rectangle.

Thanks again!

instead of using glRotate/glTranslate, you can use the ofxVectorMath addon to rotate the vertexes.

your class can have a:

ofxVec3f vertices[4];  

and then in every transformation apply the same rotation/translation you were doing with opengl but using:


then the vertices contain the real coordinates and you can compare the mouse position without problem.

:slight_smile: nice trick

Hi Arturo!

So you say, something like this…

  ofxVec3f vertices[4];  
  vertices[0] = rectangle.x; // x1  
  vertices[1] = rectangle.y; // y1  
  vertices[2] = rectangle.x + rectangle.width; // x2  
  vertices[3] = rectangle.y + rectangle.height; // y2  

That’s what you suggest? And rotate vertices.rotate(…) around the axis i want.

I’m gonna try it!!
Thanks Arturo!


yes that should be it, indeed you don’t even need the rectangle anymore as now you have the same data in the array of vec3f

I think i got it!! :smiley:

Based on the vectorMathExample, using ofxVec3f as arturo said, i can control at any time the coordinates of my rectangle!! (look at the grid coordinates)

Thanks everybody!


Hi again!

Let me explain the situation now…

I have the squares moving around a central axis. I have the position of the squares (x, y and z) around the central axis. But the problem is… the axis of the mouse are respect the screen [center (0,0) on the top left], and the axis of the squares are respect the center of the screen.

I tried to calculate it by substracting the center weight and height to the mouse coordinates, but it doesn’t work.

Do you have any suggestion?


I tried to calculate it by substracting the center weight and height to the mouse coordinates, but it doesn’t work.

it should :slight_smile: there should be some wrong calculation in there.

Hi Arturo,

I tried to calculate both ways: the mouse coordinates to the center origin; And the rectangle coordinates from the top left origin…

But i haven’t good results… :S

In addition, i have problems to draw a perfect rectangle. I don’t know why, but i use this to draw the rectangles:

            ofSetColor(255, 222, 0, 80);  
            glVertex3f(rect[i].x, rect[i].y, rect[i].z);  
            glVertex3f(rect[i].x+TAM_RECT, rect[i].y, rect[i].z);  
            glVertex3f(rect[i].x, rect[i].y+TAM_RECT, rect[i].z);  
            glVertex3f(rect[i].x+TAM_RECT, rect[i].y+TAM_RECT, rect[i].z);  

and i only got a square with a triangle inside of it, i means, like a poligon with 5 points.

Anybody knows why?


you should use GL_TRIANGLE_FAN for filled rect or GL_LINE_LOOP

but easier to just use:


about your problem with the mouse coordinates is difficult to say if you don’t post some code