OF COURSE is going to return in two weeks. In this season’s OF COURSE, we will have an enlarged course of six carefully prepared sections which integrate perfectly with an entirely new theme for the season: Code and brunch.

In the 2016 Springtime OF COURSE,we will not only bring a range of high quality courses, but in each section of the course we will also provide a delicious brunch for our participants. We will select some of the tastiest brunch spots (Miriam, Char No4, Cafe Luluc, etc.) to satisfy participants appetite, while our carefully prepared curriculum will ensure that participants are provided with a full, comprehensive and lasting understanding of our course topics.

The following is our 7 themes for the course:

  1. Intro to Openframeworks/C++ - March 6: Presents a brief introduction to writing code in c++, followed by an immersion into using OF

  2. Live Coding Shaders - March 13: Learn how to setup an openFrameworks project to live codeshaders in GLSL, and how to make them interactive

  3. A Thousand Particles - March 20: Making things move… by the hundreds and thousands. Applying the basics of physics and geometry to particle systems to observe emergent movements and behaviors.

  4. Perfect loop | gif art with javaScript - March 27: In this class we will take a brief overview of tools that can be used for creating a perfect loop gif animation with javaScript.

  5. Live communication with Javascript - April 10: This workshop focuses on basics of p5.js for creative coding and socket.io for synchronous communications.

  6. Connection and Networking - April 17: This class focuses on the communication between OF and different platforms, such as iPhone/iPad, VPT 7, Max/MSP, and even Arduino

  7. Creative Wearable - April 24: The course will introduce the basic knowledge of completing circuits, conductivity and resistance. Next the instructor will teach students how to embed circuits with conductive materials such as conductive thread, sewable LED and conductive fabrics.

We certainly hope OF COURSE can help many more Creative coding hobbyists and lovers, and wish that you can helps us get the word out to your friends, to let more people know about us.

OF COURSE Spring 2016: www.ofcourse.io/spring-2016