[NYC] Freelancer for multiple sync installation


we’re looking for a freelancer to join our team in the development an interactive installation.
We’ re a research Lab for HAVAS and have a project currently being developped involving multiple machines with synchronized content.
The project will start early September and run through the last week of October.
If you feel you’ll have fun working with us in such project send me an email to: rui.pereira@havasww.com

Job Description:
• 5+ years experience in C++ / OpenFrameworks
• Experience building applications that communicate amongst multiple computers and syncing visual content over multiple computers
• Experience with networking, serial communication and multi-threading
• Experience with Git for version management and collaboration
• Experience with developing and installing large physical installations
• Knowledge about software development best practices and design patterns


• Programming for installation: sharing responsibilities (and code) with other Havas Lab and freelance developers
• Working with other Lab developers to identify best technical approaches and solutions
• Work on the physical deployment of installation

I could do this but you’d have to hire me via my studio.

Hey Dan
I don’t think that should be a problem, we 'd probably had to do a flat rate.
Let me talk with hr and production
Also send me it availability and rates.

Talk soon

haha you’ve worked for us before - Fake Love!