NYC – Creative Technologist at Trollbäck+Company

Hey guys,

Happy New Year! We’re looking to hire one or two people and I thought I’d reach out to the openFrameworks community. This position is for a artist / designer / developer with openFrameworks, Arduino and other related skills.

Feel free to pass this along, and have anyone reach out to us at with any questions.


Creative Technologist at Trollbäck+Company


Looking for a Creative Technologist to join the digital team at Trollbäck+Company.

Ideal candidate has a mastery of C++ programming in audiovisual environments for installations, as well as experience developing engaging mobile applications.

Experience in a small, creative studio is desired, but not required; candidate should have a strong understanding of how to collaborate in a creative environment across multiple platforms.

This is a full-time position in our New York office.

Key Responsibilities

? Collaborate with a creative team including designers, animators and producers
? Develop rapid prototypes in a variety of programming languages
? Pitch and develop and interactive concepts


? Exceptional portfolio of work
? Obsessive attention to coding practices and visual design detail
? 2+ years of experience with C++ design and development
? Knowledge of 2D and 3D computer graphics algorithms for animation, motion and sound
? Project based experience with creative coding frameworks such as openFrameworks, Processing and Cinder
? iOS and Android development

If you’re interested, please send your resume, links to a portfolio and relevant projects and a quick note to

About Trollbäck + Company

Trollbäck + Company is a creative studio communicating engaging ideas in the simplest, smartest and most visionary ways. Led by executive creative director Jakob Trollbäck, the collaborative group directs television commercials, designs film titles, brands networks and creates experience-based content for global brands.