[NYC][Contract to FT] Android-capable engineer with oF style

We need a creative engineer who has basic knowledge of Android engineering, and is comfortable working without openFrameworks! We do creative projects with all kinds of technologies (to be honest, we tend to use Cinder instead of openFrameworks, but we’re all friends in this space). This project is driven by Android devices and requires some basic knowledge of Android engineering, as well as computer graphics in general.

Here are some of the challenges:

  • stylistic image processing (we’ll be experimenting with edge finding, flood filling, tracing, feature finding, and other similar things)
  • generating and compressing video
  • projection mapping
  • networking
  • stylus input and stylized brushes
  • particle systems
  • “kiosk mode” lockdown

Here are the notable technologies:

  • Java (there’s an existing codebase for stylus drawing and rendering)
  • android.graphics.*, android.app.Presentation
  • OpenGL, especially GLSL fragment shaders
  • OpenCV
  • MDM
  • Git

If you have some Android experience and are generally an excellent engineer with experience in graphics, you may be perfect for this. We have the luxury of deploying on devices we control, so typical Android problems like supporting multiple screen sizes or hardware capabilities are not a problem for us. If you understand the Activity lifecycle, have written some layouts in XML, and understand manifest files, that’s probably enough Android specifics.

We’d like to have you full-time for the next month in our Greenpoint studio. After that, you may be needed for support, or to work on other projects – we have a steady stream of projects that expands way beyond Android.

Please let us know why you’re qualified and include your resume in the email (links to things you’ve made would be appreciated). Also, please confirm your availability. Thank you!

Send materials to kevin@hypno.cam (“cam” is not a typo!).