NVidia Jetson TK1

Anyone else getting a NVIDIA Jetson TK1 when they start shipping next month? This seems like best bang for the buck as far as an installation computer goes. QuadCore ARM15, OpenGL 4.4, Cuda 6, OpenCL 1.2, USB3, 2GB of ram, 16GB of onboard flash, HDMI out, microphone in and out! SATA, miniPCIe. 300 gflops for $192! It comes preinstalled with Ubuntu 14.

I bet OF will compile on this without needing to change a thing.

I’m a sucker for full featured ARM boards and mine is shipping already! This thing seems to run an NVIDIA flavor of Ubuntu, Linux 4 Tegra (L4T) and the latest release, r19.2 has a 3.10.24 kernel which might suggest it is based on something like Ubuntu 13.10 which had a 3.11 kernel, while 14.04 LTS has 3.13?

I actually wonder if the multi-GL version support will trip up oF as it supports ES 1.1, ES 3.1, EGL 1.4 and GL 4.4.

whow, thanks for bringing that under my attention!

I’m interested in this as well – definitely let us know if you get oF (or anything else cool) running on it! How beefy is that CPU?

I got my TK1 board last week; took me a few hours today to get oF running on it; used the ARM/Ubuntu installer scripts and had to apt-get a few libraries that the installer missed, but now the example code is compiling clean, and quickly enough that you don’t need to cross-compile. The graphics and video demos work fine; the sound apps are having trouble reading from audio files…getting noise as output. Hope to find a quick fix.

found this video on Youtube

and I ordered one after watching it…damn thing is FAST