Novice question> PC vs mac >summary of OFX differences

Am revisiting OFX on the PC after a hiatus. Was unable to get OFX compiling properly in VS but am going to give it another try.

Can any OFX experts summarize the differences in terms of capabilities and features of OFX mac vs pc?

Any tips on compiling using Visual Studio? Much appreciated!

oF is pretty much the same across the various platforms, give or take a library here and there. You can see a list of libraries included here C++ compilers are also slightly different between each of the platforms, as well as the way each IDE is setup with references to oF. A good overview can be found here

I think the main differences between PC and Mac is really dependent on your hardware. For example with OpenGL on a Mac you won’t be able to use core profile > 410 due to Apple not providing updated drivers to support the graphics hardware. This would also be true where your hardware is different: multi-channel sound playback, video capabilities and other hardware peripherals.

What sort of troubles were you experiencing when building oF on Windows? Did you use the download from here and follow the instructions here Were you using Visual Studio 2012?

Awesome reply, thanks very much. Just diving in again on the PC side but will let you know how I make out.