[notice ] ofFbo: checkGLSupport(): maxColorAttachments: 8, maxDrawBuffers: 8, ma

I’m having this notice everytime I allocate an FBO with default settings, as this:

fboEq.allocate(eqDimensions.x, eqDimensions.y, GL_RGBA);  

[notice ] ofFbo: checkGLSupport(): maxColorAttachments: 8, maxDrawBuffers: 8, maxSamples: 8  

Should I do something different? thanks

Hey dimitre -

this is a perfectly normal output - everyone sees this when allocating a new FBO, currently.

If you don’t want to see this message, I’d suggest raising the default log level to something like OF_LOG_WARNING, but that would mean that you won’t see any log messages unless they at the same log level or above warnings.


By default, openFrameworks starts with the log level set to OF_LOG_NOTICE, and every FBO allocation will output a notice.

I’ll post an issue on github, since it would make more sense imo to have the FBO allocation to log as OF_LOG_VERBOSE rather than as OF_LOG_NOTICE.



Precise answer, thank you Tim


no worries!

if you pull the latest openFrameworks version from git/master this should be fixed now, btw.