Note: Nightly Builds recommended over 0.11.2

Very short PSA/Note: It has been a while since a major or minor release, but there has been a lot of bug fixes in the main branch on Github.

So at this point we would recommend most users use the nightly builds which reflect the current Github state. You can find nightly builds at the bottom of: download | openFrameworks

For most Linux users you will want the nightly builds as there are some critical GStreamer fixes.

There are also some nice new features like:

VS Code Templates for all examples.

Built in shadow support ( via @NickHardeman ):

New assimp 3d model loading:

and Physically Based Rendering ( via @NickHardeman ):

Some new OpenCV examples like object detection:

Tons of emscripten fixes thanks to @Jona with most examples now working in the browser.


it’s there gonna be a new release?

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Yes - hoping for 0.12.0 in a week or too!

Here is the current checklist: