Not sure how to phrase probably easy question

I’m currently just plopping down a bunch of ofImage textures, its for a 2d game i’m trying to make.

When objects are out of the range of the current screen co-ords, i know i need to reposition the screen, but i dont know if there is a command for that, what that might be?

Here is a rough image of what i’m on about. *fixed the image!

any help would be welcome :slight_smile:

there is no image in your link !

my bad! fixed

Youll have to use ofCamera or ofEasyCam in order to move the camera, maybe it will be easier to translate the scene, than to move the camera.

Thank you, yes, getting closer! I took a look at ofEasyCam, seems rooted in 3d, i only need to pan around a flat 2d plain. World translation, is there an example of that, or a command you can point me in the right direction?



ofTranslate(x, y);  
// your scene drawings  

greetings ascorbin

Thanks! That appears to be what i need, i can figure it out from here :smiley: (hopefully, lol)