not increasing blur

Hello, im using the method .blurGaussian (15) from opencv library . When i apply this blur to a video everytime i run the software the video increases the blur over time. It seems it is applying the same blur effect over the previous blurred frame, so it increase over time.

Is there any way of avoiding this? I just want that my video appear with blurGaussian(15) all the time.

any ideas?


do the blurGaussian only if video.isFrameNew()==true

my video is in reality a ofxCvColorImage that changes over time, should i implement a .isFrameNew() function?

this is the code:

ofxCvColorImage			film;  
void testApp::draw(){  
     film.blurGaussian (value);  

The application is a draw application that allows to draw with the cam, i would like to apply a blur effect only once over the drawings or trails (film), but it applies the blur over and over the same image, so the drawings become blurred and blurred over time. Any idea how to solve this problem? and can anybody explain me why is this happening?

thank you

the problem is you are blurring the image each frame, you should call blur once when you load the image. in your post is not shown but somewhere you must be putting the data in your ofxCvImage from somewhere else, a video or an ofImage… just after that call blur and don’t call it anymore till you don’t load a new image