Normal procedure for referencing addons in Xcode?

I’m making some progress through the examples i’m following, and starting to have fun with OF.

Now another super basic question that I haven’t been able to find a concrete answer to (though i’ve found similar posts).

Say I have an app that i’m building. It lives in a directory structure like this:

At a certain point i want to start using an addon in this app, for example ofxOpenCv.

My Xcode sidebar looks like this:

I understand that i need to let xcode know where ofxOpenCv.h (and associated files?) live, in order for the directive #include “ofxOpenCv.h” to compile without errors. I know that i can drag/drop directories into xcode’s sidebar, to get my project to see them, but trial and error has been entirely error so far.

So: What’s should i do to let Xcode know about the ofxOpenCv addon i’d like to use in my app?

I think i understand it. The ofxOpenCv directory (from addons) needs to be dropped onto xcode’s sidebar, which will create a reference to it. But the this directory includes the examples subdirectory. This will cause confusion when it comes to compiling bacause it contains files named main.cpp (?). So once the folder is in the sidebar, the examples folder needs to be removed as a reference (right click and delete it, choose the option to remove the reference rather than moving the file to the trash).

My project compiles, with the #include “ofxOpenCv.h” directive in testApp.h, when my sidebar looks like this:

That helped me a lot! :smiley:

Thank you so much!! it looks so easy like that… I’ll try it tonight! I’m a real newbie in OF. :wink: