Nooby help: nothing when project is generated with addon

Hello all, just started to use OF and have little knowledge in C++.

I found an interesting project that I wanted to try out.
This project, thankfully, has full source code shared:

So as I learned in some tutorial videos, I tried to make a new project and steps are as follows:

  1. Download the ofx file from Github (in this case ofxGSVImageStitcher), unzip, and put it into the “addons” folder.
  2. Go to “ProjectGenerator” and select the downloaded Addon, then Generate.
  3. The generated project has 3 source files: main.cpp, ofApp.cpp, and ofApp.h.
  4. But all of these source files do not have any codes rather have the basic default lines.

I am not sure what I am missing to see the actual codes.
Do I need to manually open the source file and copy&paste?

Lastly, I heard that Openframeworks only works on Visual Studio 2017. Is this still true? because I am using 2019 and this might be why?

Thank you!
Also, please let me know if there is any video on how to run a project using pre-made full working OpenFrameworks code(GitHub).

Your process is good, apart that ofxGSVImageStitcher not being an addon, you should not put it in “addons” (it might cause confusion later). “apps/myApps” is a good starting place.

Make sure you are selecting or drag/dropping the ofxGSVImageStitcher directory. The generator should work with the already-existing files in src, not create new ones (but it is easy to select the wrong level of repository and end up with extra files). If you are seeing generic source files, it is because the Generator was not looking at the right place.

A screenshot of the expanded project directory (post-generator) could help figure it out.

The VS version is a different question and i don’t know about that (ideally should be asked in another thread).

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Thank you burton for the reply.
So as you said, I guess ofxGSVImageStitcher is not a add-on, just a project file.

But I am still confused with “Make sure you are selecting or drag/dropping the ofxGSVImageStitcher directory. The generator should work with the already-existing files in src, not create new ones.”

  1. Does it mean that I should start this project with a regular Visual Basic New Project? So I simply created a new project file and opened the ofxGSVImageStitcher folder. Now I can see all the codes. But it does not run as I press F5.

  2. What do you mean by generator should work with the already-existing files? does that mean that I should open up ofxGSVImageStitcher with Visual Studio, save, then use projectgenerator to re-open it?
    In this case, I still do not use any add-on right?

I know this is get getting anywhere and asking you too much, but step by step would be really helpful.

hey no problem the PG is a somewhat picky program. The instructions here don’t explicitly cover “re”-generation.

When you start from scratch, the PG creates a source code template, plus the IDE “project” files based on your install location and platform. In your case you want to generate IDE project files for an existing project. So in PG, the “project path” field should point where you’ve placed ofxGSVImageStitcher (perhaps in apps/myApps). You can click and navigate there, or drop the repository onto the PG window.

The green “Generate” button should then change to orange “Update” – this indicates that it found the existing src files. You then click update, and IDE project files will appear besides the src repository. You can have PG open the IDE with the fresh project, or open it normally in the file manager or from within the IDE.

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You know what? I just installed 2017 and it works fine now…wow…